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Food Review: Hawkers Asian Street Fare

Earlier this year, the familia decided to visit Star and Mr. Puerto Rico up in Jacksonville, FL. The purpose of the trip? Father’s birthday.

While we were there, we did a few touristy JAX things and went to Savannah, GA (but that’s a whole other story).

One of the food highlights of the trip? We we visited Hawkers Asian Street Fare, which is a Asian-fusion tapas restaurant that also has a location in Orlando.

To be honest, we ordered so many things that I am unsure of what exactly we ordered, so I’ll just show you the stuff I liked. Continue reading Food Review: Hawkers Asian Street Fare


How Much Can You Stretch $5?

This helps put things into perspective.

via Buzzfeed

Happy Eats!



Food Event: Grillin’ In The Grove

Get ready barbecue fans and fiends — Grillin in the Grove has finally arrived. It’s time to get your fill on some of the yummiest BBQ south of, well, The South (because remember, Miami is it’s own country).

Grillin in the Grove
Grillin in the Grove

What can you expect at this mouth-watering event not meant for those on diets?

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