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Food Event: Celebrating the Ms. Cheezious and Taquiza Way

So how exactly do two of Miami’s best restaurants celebrate their recent Miami New TimesBest of Miami 2015” awards?

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Food News: We’ll have the MOB Burger to-go…

What would the Fourth of July be without burgers and barbecue?


But, worry not food citizens, Midtown Oyster Bar is here to help make your Independence Day festivities just that much more delicious.

Midtown Oyster Bar

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The Truth is in the pudding…

Food Blogging
Food Blogging

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Food News: Father’s Day 2K15

Father’s Day is right around the corner and lots of us have yet to figure out how we will be showing dear ol’ pops that we love him.

Fear not citizens, some local faves are here to help!

Be it a delicious plate of pasta or the biggest steak in the realm, dad will be [very] full and happy.


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Food News: VeganSmart by Naturade

Okay… It is safe to say, that I am not a vegan (even though it has like a gazillion benefits), but I always jump at the chance to try something new — unless it has onions (ew).

So, when I was invited to the VeganSmart brunch a few weeks back, I jumped at the opportunity. Prior to the event, the closest I had ever been to anything vegan was a cupcake I tried once and was interested in trying out some of the yummy treats they’d be cooking up.

On the other hand, who doesn’t love brunch.

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