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#NomNom Recipe: Amy’s Cilantro Cream Sauce

I don’t know who Amy is, but I’d love to thank her for her service to the world. And stomachs everywhere.

Cilantro Cream Dip

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Food Event: A Few EGG-cellent Recipes by Chef Brooke Williamson

Eggs. They were one of the first things I learned how to cook (burnt pancakes were the first-first thing I learned how to make). Since then, I have always been a little obsessed with how simple most egg dishes are. But, if you are like me, you get bored of always munching on the same format — be it scrambled, sunny-side up, omelet, or hard-boiled (which is my LEAST favorite).

Thankfully for me (and MOMMA BEAR) I was able to attend an egg mixer demo with Chef Brooke Williamson (who is a total sweetheart and a kitchen badass). What exactly went down at said egg mixer?

Three words: deliciousness

What Went Down:

The egg mixer was hosted at The Biltmore Culinary Academy by Davidson’s Safest Choice. When MOMMA BEAR and I arrived, we were greeted by one of the reps at the event, who handed us the list of recipes for the night and aprons (shout out to Danielle for being such a doll and putting everything together).

The landscape? A room full of bloggers and members of the media with Chef Brooke Williamson (co-owner and co-chef of Hudson House, The Tripel, and Playa Provisions; and a Top Chef Alum) at the helm taking charge and cracking eggs.

Now onto what you really came for… the food:

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When Inspiration Strikes: Slutty Brownies

On occasion, I will get inspired to make something for my guinea pigs. The below creation of pure bliss is my contribution to all our holiday parties. The family member who suggested this to me calls them “Slutty Brownies.”

Please note, if you’re a calorie counter, this is not for you. Or it is. Your call.


  • Bottom Layer: Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Middle Layer: Double Stuffed Oreo Cookies
  • Top Layer: Brownie
  • Icing: Cookies ‘n’ Cream
Slutty Brownies
Slutty Brownies

If you want a play-by-play of how to make these bites of sugary heaven, click here.